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I wrote my first book many years ago, How to Find a Job in 6 Weeks, and it was about job hunting. It was published in 2003 by Tandem Press in Australia and New Zealand and is currently in 2nd edition. After the success of my first book I thought about writing something different. It had to be a novel and a genre I was passionate about. Writing is very hard work and time consuming if your going to do it the right. So it was a big decision to commit myself to writing my latest book. After twelve months I have completed my first novel to be released in July 2019.

World Football Domination is about the world of soccer in 30 years from now. It has a science fiction twist with new technologies at the core of the story, and how they are used to improve player identification and scouting talent. It has underlying themes around inclusiveness, fairness and providing opportunity for to aspiring young talent, particularly those that don’t have resources or a disadvantaged in some way. There is also conspiracy as some nations attempt to steal the technology for their own ambitions to become a football world power. There is a lot going on in the book to keep you on your toes!

I consider myself a football aficionado, and I have opinions about the future of the sport. There are weaknesses in the current system for identifying talent, and particularly for those kids that don’t get a chance to participate for a variety of reasons. They may live in remote communities and don’t have the resources to support them. There is also an unconscious bias when identifying talent and selecting the best players. This drives a lack of inclusion in our sport.

“When I’m up in the big football field in the sky, I just want people to remember, I told you so.”

Johnny Warren, Australian football legend


This is the underlying theme of the book expressed in the narrative of the storyline. There is a great subversive plot and subplots with many twist and turns. I explore characters such as Harry Duwala, an indigenous boy from Alice Springs and his career making discovery. This is attributed to the revolutionary virtual player identification technology. It’s a brave new world and the renaissance of football thinking. Step into the future with a glimpse of what it can bring…world football domination takes you there.

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