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A Special Foreword by Jamie Warren …

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I was very fortunate to have my book foreword by a very special person. He is Jamie Warren, and the nephew of the great Johnny Warren (Australia’s greatest ambassador for Australian soccer).

The foreword by Jamie tells his story as a talented young footballer. I was surprised how much I did not know about him until I read his narrative. He received an offer to join Flamengo in Brazil and trialled at Manchester United with the likes of English international Bryan Robson. This is the stuff of dreams when your growing up.

I like Jamie for what he stands for and that is why I asked him to foreword my book. It was important for me to have someone who shared the same values in sport and the community. He is the Executive Chairman of the Johnny Warren Football Foundation, a peak philanthropic organisation body of football. You can learn more about this important organisation by visiting the home page below;

When I’m up in the big football field in the sky, I just want people to remember, I told you so.

Johnny Warren,
Australian football legend

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